About Us

About us

Vama Leathers is an online pet store that caters to the needs of growing pet owners all over India. We got into pet food and accessories manufacturing in 2016 and in this short period, we have been able to garner a huge customer base due to our commitment towards quality. Driven with zeal to excel in this domain, we have been constantly exercising our rich domain expertise by providing best-in-class pet care products and accessories at the market leading prices.
At our online portal, we provide our esteemed customers optimum quality dry dog food, dog collars, leashes, toys and training products.
Being a customer-centric company, we accept 24X7 bookings for our entire array of products and ensure the timely delivery of these products at our customer’s doorstep. 

So, Get Started!
For retail, place an order through this website and for bulk orders, feel free to contact us on +91-7795897362 or email us on vartika.vamaleathers@gmail.com

Vama's Mission

To provide innovative and highest quality products possible through our highly skilled dedicated employees and state-of-the-art and patented products and manufacturing process. We passionately create for pet owners, canine professionals and service dog handlers worldwide.
From our workshop to the world, our products are designed to enhance our clients’ lives.
Success and growth are achieved with understanding, compassion, and an undying commitment to quality. 

The Leather Workshop

Located in Kanpur, India, Vama workshop is filled with the fabulous aroma of leather and inspires creativity. Our workspace is carefully organized and stocked with the best quality leather and hardware we can find, hand tools, and simple machinery.  Our team consists of true craftspeople who love the satisfaction of making things with their hands in an era of digital content and mass production, and who insist on providing a genuine and personal brand of customer service. We are quirky, diverse, and inclusive.

Proudly Made in India

As a small independent local business, we design, manufacture and represent our own products. Most of the items we offer are made by hand in our own leather workshop. 
At Vama, we believe well-designed, handcrafted, locally-made products should be available to those who desire durable, quality gear for their canine companions. For us, “Indian Made” means making a sturdy, sincere product by hand with Indian materials, and standing behind that product with a warranty. It means creating jobs for artisans and making every effort to support other small businesses like ours. It means listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and taking pride in providing thoughtful customer service during every step of the process.
We also offer an assortment of accessories that complement our in-house-made products. Some of the products we design are made by other talented Indian crafts people, as well as specialty parts and hardware that are fabricated to our specifications. We are proud to support other small businesses like ours!