Publication Date13/12/2019
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A dog leash is an integral part of raising a pet and is absolutely must while taking pet out for walk or play. A .leash also plays a very important part in training the pet for various obedient and safety trainings. This leash is made with the understanding and knowledge to satisfy above stated requirements without compromising the fun of raising and living with a pet. While the Dual Handles, one at long end of the leash and other at short end of the leash allows better control of pet in various changing situations, it eliminates the requirement of carrying different equipment's (leash) for different handling situations without compromising the safety of both self and others. The ring at long end of the leash allows the leash to be tied to a pole or similar objects which otherwise could be done only by knotting the leash. While the knotting could become loose, the ring at end of the leash ensures that the leash remain fastened and secured.